Our Church

Our Church

Pastors Greg & Linda Cranfield are currently serving at Christian Family Center.


Our History

Christian Family Center started from humble beginnings in 1932. Through the years, Spirit-filled Pastors and their spouses have graced our church.


Some of our Pastors include:

James, Jr. & LaVon Stone (1972-1977)

Everett Jr. & Pearl Harris (1977-1980)

Gerald & Margie Byrd (1980-1986)

Edward & Rusti Dowdell (1986-1988)

Jerry & Joyce Hogue (1988-1991)

Gerald & Margie Byrd (1991-2007)

Robert & Paula Shaw (2007-2014)

James, Jr. & LaVon Stone (2015-2018)

Greg & Linda Cranfield (2018-Current)


We are experiencing spiritual and numerical growth at Christian Family Center.


Join us for an exciting future at Weer Church!


Christian Family Center is associated with the Church of God of Prophecy.